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Comparison Charts - CSS, SVG, HTML5, Webkit & Other Upcoming Web Technologies

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We're in the wild wild west again as far as web technologies are concerned. Firefox is supporting its own tags, while WebKit is supporting another set of tags. Then you have IE stuck in the 80's. What are us web people to do? How are we supposed to know what browsers support what? What devices can we support with minimal money spent? Luckily there are some nice people in the world. I've found a couple for you to take a look at. When I find more, I'll share them with you. Should you come across something, feel free to comment and let your fellow readers know of some nice ways to cut cost and get us back into standards mode :)

When can I use HTML5, CSS3, SVG, PNGs, etc.?

This site lets you check and un-check the types of comparisons you want. It gets very granular and compares PNGs, CSS2, CSS3, SVG, HTML5 & more.

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Which WebKits support what?

This site compares 22 WebKits to prove that there is no "WebKit on Mobile" and shows which WebKits support what.

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